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How to Make Perfect Sauteed Cabbage with Egg 🍛


Sauteed Cabbage with Egg 🍛.

Sauteed Cabbage with Egg 🍛 You can have Sauteed Cabbage with Egg 🍛 using 6 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Sauteed Cabbage with Egg 🍛

  1. It’s 1/2 of large sized green cabbage.
  2. It’s 2 of large sized chopped onions.
  3. It’s 4-5 of green chillies.
  4. It’s 2 of eggs.
  5. It’s as per taste of Oil for frying.
  6. It’s to taste of Salt.

Sauteed Cabbage with Egg 🍛 instructions

  1. Chopped half of the cabbage and wash it. Drain the water and put it on a large size pan. Put the chopped onions with green chillies on it and cover the pan..
  2. Now, take the pan, put it on stove and heat it in a medium low flame. After 20 minutes stop the flame when cabbage are 100% boiled. Keep it aside..
  3. Now, take another frypan. Put it on the stove and heat it. Put some oil. When oil is hot, put 2 whisked eggs in it and make perfect scrambled eggs using a spoon by quickly moving your hand..
  4. After that, put all the boiled cabbage into it and stir fry properly in a high flame for 10-15 minutes. Now stop the flame immediately..
  5. Sauteed Cabbage with egg is ready to serve. Enjoy it having with steamed rice, roti, paratha, dosa etc. Stay healthy and stay safe with your family and loved ones. Keep me in your prayers..

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