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      Keep in mind the days of hopping residence with a skinned knee or scratched arm joint after a bit of rough housing at the neighborhood play ground? The majority of those injuries were triggered by play areas lined with compost or gravel, two financial and prominent options for public exterior areas, however not really flexible upon influence. All of this has transformed many thanks to playground rubber mats. Newer parks as well as entertainment areas are made on soft, extra-large rubber floor tiles. For less than $12 per square foot, these rubber mats make playgrounds secure and also fun for today’s young people.

      The 4 ft 2 ceramic tiles can be found in thicknesses varying from 2 to virtually 5 inches, making sure that children enjoy enough supporting as they fly off completion of a slide or make a daring dive from a swing set. The rubber is not so pliable that it impedes normal running as well as jumping, but it is a lot more flexible throughout accidental spills as well as topples. The underside of each tile is dimpled to mask the uneven or rocky ground underneath. The shock taking in capacity of play area rubber floor coverings is second to none.

      The play area rubber mats are an economically responsible ground cover, as they are made from recycled rubber that is ground up and compressed right into smooth tiles. The installment 토토사이트 is done utilizing the hassle-free interlacing ceramic tile sides, with a little glue to hold them in place. The rubber can be custom cut to fit about play area equipment, trees, benches, as well as other park frameworks. The durable material is incredibly damage immune, and it is breathable, so it won’t preserve water or obtain musty. As a matter of fact, the rubber surface is level and smooth, so water evaporates swiftly after it rainfalls, suggesting you never have to bother with mud or puddles.

      This rubber flooring alternative is now readily available in bright shades, which is ideal for play ground rubber floor coverings. Children will enjoy any kind of innovative pattern or design you come up with using the dynamic blue, eco-friendly, yellow, red, and pink tiles. These floor coverings do not require yearly attention like compost or gravel, which erode after a couple of damp periods. If you do need to make any kind of replacements or updates, the tiling permits you to conserve cash by dealing with only damaged parts as opposed to recouping the entire room.

      Convenience and rate are among the greatest rewards the Internet features bestowed with us has arrived and equally these attributes best shown when we shop on the net.

      If compared to the brick-and-mortar knowledge, online shopping has several advantages. The idea helps you avoid this hassle of looking with regard to parking; the idea saves you often the trouble of walking along seemingly endless shopping areas as you search for items; it may help you preserve time because you do not have to travel to the nearby mall; together with that helps anyone skip typically the long queues at the peruse countertop! In inclusion to the, on the net shopping gives you accessibility to world-wide premium manufacturers, which may not get available locally, and often entitles you to better deals, larger discounts and additional reward details, which a person can redeem for no cost buys later on.

      So what do you need to have to use the internet? Just some sort of credit card! Your credit rating credit card empowers to anyone to shop coming from at any place 24 X 6 by means of online shopping. Credit cards companies such as HDFC, ICICI, Kotak (and even issuers such as Australian visa and also MasterCard) generally include specific deals for on the web buying. For instance HDFC at this time running the program where their participants get upwards to five times the items on online purchases. Some presents encourage people to help do more of online shopping as there can be a new sense of faveur to the customer in terms of gifts he can have. However, when buying off the Internet, often ensure that your on-line purchases can be safe. Here are many buying online tips that may help:

      o Constantly confirm that the URL regarding the site is correct by checking this in this address bar on the World wide web browser. This will safeguard from phishing.
      Trusted CVV shop o Merely shop from trusted, uncompromising in addition to most respected websites.
      to Never ever type sensitive info for example your credit greeting card number, CVV etc. in pop-up microsoft windows.
      o Sign up for services similar to ‘Verified by Visa’ or ‘Master Card Secure Code’ ahead of shopping online along with your visa or mastercard for some sort of safer purchasing experience.
      o The Link to the web page where you enter into your own personal credit card details ought with ‘https’ and not ‘http’. This indicates this is the safe and sound web page.
      o Jot down appropriate transaction IDs or consider printouts of the pay for affirmation screen for foreseeable future referrals.
      o Check to help see that the website you are on possesses a sealed padlock as well as a key well known upon it prior to entering sensitive information.

      As you may see, on the internet browsing will be a great way to be able to carry out your own personal expenses from the comfort regarding your own home. Even so, to help make certain that an individual always have a pleasing and even safe shopping experience, make certain you keep these simple together with handy tips in imagination before providing those online shopping carts! Happy browsing!

      This instance is interesting for several factors. Just one of these factors is the warm concern of – How much
      ought to an infringing individual of one more’s copyright right be made to spend for the
      In our instance, Copyright Infringement Lawyers the copyright functions contains 356 different photos, developed by Mr Sledziewski,.
      as well as owned by our customer. It is a matter of considerable dispute regarding the financial worth positioned on each.
      photo in these situations. The recent instances are Absolute Loft spaces v Craftsmen Residence Improvements [2015] EWHC 2608 (IPEC) and also Flogas Britain Limited v Calor Gas Limited [2013] EWHC 3060 (Ch). The User.
      Concept used: quantifies the amount payable to the effective plaintiff as to the licence royalty that.
      the accused would have had to pay to make the infringing acts legal. As you can envision,.
      Defendants will wish to price each work at the cost of similar supply photographs, which start.
      from $0.16 per photo. Our problems of ₤ 31,000 plus passion is, consequently, a substantial honor and also.
      success. A leading law practice in The Legal 500– Chambers & Allies– Boutique Firm of the Year.
      The Legal representative represented the Accuseds, and it ran for two years, but in the long run, the Claimant was.
      This instance entailed a Huge quantity of job to achieve an effective end result for the Complaintant,.
      specifically with laying out the Claimant’s proof and also preparing bundles for numerous meantime.
      applications. The assistance of advise at 11 South Square; my support group as well as quite possibly ordered.
      customers were vital
      By Peter Adediran.
      14 11 2018
      This write-up information the facts of a copyright violation situation connecting to photographs forming a.
      item brochure as well as text on a website for which Peter Adediran stood for the Claimant. If you.
      are inquiring on bringing or protecting a copyright claim as well as have read this post, you must.
      take the opportunity to go as well as seek professional legal recommendations from a solicitor or lawyer. The.
      details as well as any kind of commentary on the regulation contained on this web site are offered for free.
      for info functions just. Every sensible effort is made to make the details as well as.
      discourse precise and also up to date, yet no duty for its precision and also correctness, or for.
      any consequences of depending on it, is assumed by CONTAINER Solicitors. The details and also commentary.
      does not, as well as is not meant to, total up to legal suggestions to any person on a details situation or issue.
      You are highly encouraged to obtain particular, personal suggestions from a legal representative about your instance or issue.
      and also not to rely upon the information or talk about this website. No obligation is approved for the.
      web content or accuracy of linked websites.

      With the creating sum of misleading strategies about the world wide web, consumers have got missing much of their self-assurance to employ inside of on the internet transactions. They flip into hesitant to purchase collectively with tend to be even a lot more nervous relating to releasing information on the on the web.

      먹튀검증 Many diverse approaches have not too long ago been utilised to assure net internet site guests from their worries. Some of these include displaying connection photos, qualifications and honours, leaving your 2 cents testimonies from pleased purchasers, exhibiting PR compose-ups with each other with media evaluations, and even the prevention of building formidable expectations from shoppers about merchandise or service that can not be certain.

      Though performing all of frequently the earlier mentioned described methods could normally deliver about up to about some type of two% transformation rate, this amount could very properly be enhanced up for you to concerning 15% basically by displaying Other Web site Verification Seals on the website.

      A new modern questionnaire executed by basically Customer Reviews showed the reality that 72% of on the web shoppers are actively hunting to get third get together net verification seals just before creating orders on the internet. With that explained, obtaining these remedies on your internet site could some kind of suggest better possibility linked with creating a sale.

      Just as significantly as picking is concerned, you very first need to support define that will be your personal target marketplace in relative to the mother nature and items of your organization. Appropriate now there are 3 primary kinds of internet verification solutions which ought to fit your requirements.

      Personal privacy Verification elephant seals are acceptable for these that provide business financial loans and home loans. This promises that private data of customers will not turn out to be shared with yet another collecting not included with the certain orders.

      Safety actions Verification Elephant seals come about to be inspired for just about all who supply merchandise and companies whose main method of ventures involves the use of payment card programs.

      Organization Verification Seals will be a lot more of a generic services that every on the web corporations should normally have obtained. This assistance ensures to help the consumer the simple fact that web site has been verified to the authenticity of the details it gives.

      Getting any related with these three Elephant seals in your website will transfer you a excellent stage upward through your competition. However, usually the more retains you display display, the far more self-confident customers will be to spend in.

      The Legend of Cockfighting

      Cockfights are considered to help be bloodstream sports. Two roosters are made to fight towards each other in a wedding ring called a habitacle. Cockfighting was initially seen in the Indus vly world in 2000 BC. The particular game was popular within India, China, Persia, and was later introduced for you to Portugal in 524- 460 BC. In India inside of the Tamil regions, it was referred to as one involving the 64 martial arts, plus the fighting was done making use of jungle fowls. The Journal also adopted it. Quite a few Romans are said to be able to own spent most of their moment beside this cockpit.

      Cocks Reared with regard to Fighting

      The gamecocks were well conditioned associated with some sort of special breed, and provided good care until this age of two. The particular wagers were put down. Typically the fighting was associated with a couple of kinds: one with a smaller knife tied like some sort of bracelet to the rearfoot of the cock, exactly where the spurs are, in addition to the other, with all the spurs alone.

      The Two Forms of Fights

      The fighting is unto demise in many cases although in others, it is fought against having naked heels. Typically the passing away fights, each of twenty-minute durations, have three models, with some sort of gap of twenty minutes in in between. The regular fights will become four rounds of fifteen minutes each having a break of fifteen minutes.

      Restricted in Europe and the UNITED STATES

      Cock fighting is definitely viewed as a monstrous game by simply animal welfare and pet rights activists plus others; simply because the birds are offer a new whole lot of physical personal of which they inflict on each different. Nowadays, cock battling can be banned in The european countries along with the USA.

      Cockfights in addition to Bets in South America

      Many Southern region American locations still have cockfights. Sabung Ayam Typically the cockfights are performed around places that have seat designs for the viewers of which are placed around the ring. Betting happens on these cockfights. Cockfighting will be ranked along with athletics like baseball and United states football.

      The Cockfights throughout Bali

      In Bali typically the cockfights are known while tajens, and though it has been prohibited considering 1981, it is nevertheless carried out, but simply for spiritual reasons. At this time there is an ancient ritual in Bali that calls for blood to be spilt, plus they use a tool fight for you to spill typically the blood. The spilt body is then offered for you to bad spirits. Women usually are not perhaps allowed to watch the fights. Typically the cocks fight with a sharp knife that is named taji.

      The Fast Development of Cockfights in typically the Philippines

      In the Philippines, cockfighting is known since Sabong. Authorized cockfights are generally held weekly in cockpits. You will also find illegal cockfights in available areas. Cockfights are presented with knives. There are usually also derbies held. In these derbies, the user fields a fixed quantity of cocks and the one particular with the most number of victories get the lottery jackpot. Typically the Philippines have published many the World Slasher Derby. New cockpits are now being designed in the Philippines. Cockfighting is still very well-known worldwide excluding some Western countries as well as US. These days it has as well eliminated online and the wagering is high.

      On-line Poker as opposed to On-line Gambling:

      Poker is undoubtedly a on the internet match of ability, and just about each and every determination you make is all around maximizing your Anticipated Value or EV for quick. The term “EV” will definitely be utilised by means of this post and will be witnessed in two approaches. Some type of gambler can have +EV, which is constructive Anticipated Benefit or – Digital Automobiles, that is damaging Predicted Well worth. Holdem poker is not betting and the next describes why.

      Most gambling matches have a negative EV for you, and some type of great EV (5. forty nine% in this situation) for generally the casino. Inside of the limited perform you could earn, playing with the long run, if you performed standard on line casino video games one thousand times, this gambling establishment would generally ending up winning by concerning five. 49%. As you can see these forms of on line casino online games will be in favor of the property. On-line poker pits you in opposition to distinct gamers and absolutely not your house. In a new total marriage ceremony ring game (9 gamers) or shorthanded recreation (6 players), the purpose is to the genuine greatest EV conclusions from the several other members playing much more severe (creating -EV conclusions) you.

      Some type of fast example can be if an personal have been worked KK just before the flop arrived (preflop), which generally every person knows is a excellent great hand preflop. This specific hand has a higher opportunity to earn towards all the arms preflop. In the occasion that you played and brought up “all in” with this distinct hand against a new gamer who played additionally named each all in, you would have a huge edge as you will be a favourite every period, making it a new +EV decision. This is an exaggerated example in addition to playing 1 hand would not operate as the smartest notion. What an specific would have out is take pleasure in say the top rated even just the teenagers of palms thanks to the simple fact in opposition to the individual who will take on maybe 70% of their quite own palms and fingers, you again, will be producing a +EV choice each time you get him. It really is probably that the starting up fingers will possess fairly a great deal higher chance to aid be successful. This is just scraping the graphic surface area, and generally there is an EV mounted on each and every determination and each solitary state of affairs. Many on the net online poker net web sites provide starting up hand maps . for newcomers to help use, which could be this easiest way to remodel your EV.

      In addition, there is always big difference together with in the brief expression lagging players might get profitable, however which is additionally what draws in them to help occur again and preserve striving to perform. In the prolonged operate, a good player which usually helps make +EV options will usually conclude way up a winner. This will be why poker is definitely not gambling although a on-line sport of ability and comprehending how to exploit your adversary’s errors. Is that protected to engage in on the internet poker?

      Surely, some areas have all around fifty, five hundred individuals taking component in at a single time. Key sites enjoy Full Tilt Poker function promotions for the TELLY in addition to the internet and come about to be even shown on this inventory marketplace. They let an personal to perform poker online for cost-free or a genuine income. Any adverse publicity might influence their enterprise for that reason these websites often give the best buyer providers. Retaining your go term guarded is your accountability of system, if you do this, the money will probably be risk-free. On the web poker websites will not have any inspiration to cheat if trading hands given that they strive to be incredibly reasonable so a individual constantly perform, which makes it possible for them to earn his or her income in the sort of “rake. ” This type of is a really slight pct of the weed (usually under one%). Located in poker, you take place to be playing in opposition to the other on the web players, together with undoubtedly not the residence.

      Clearly if the poker net web site would seem shady, you have by no implies go through about it, they don’t promote in Tv or the internet and even there usually are not members participating in on a typical time body – you wouldn’t be depositing your funds there!!! Together with that stated, most relating to the principal texas holdem areas are quite guarded and even reputable.

      What are the particular greatest online texas holdem regions?
      You will discover a few major sites for making the most of on the web poker. Total Tilt Holdem poker, Pokerstars and Party Poker now have heaps of visitors, take part in cash tables, plenty with regards to freeroll tourneys and include very excellent client provider. In the function you’re a novice you need to play at Total Tilt Poker or Pokerstars as soon as you begin. Other websites like Get collectively Holdem poker get in touch with you upward as soon as you indication up and phone for some type of identity confirmation to cause your accounts. Some folks might this sort of as this additional steadiness, and could certainly go that route. 100 % Tilt Poker additionally Pokerstars do not phone for this. All round, all a few net websites are extremely safe and nicely recognized.

      Many sites point out “Deposit and get one more $600! quite well Carry out they actually double your deposit volume following lodging?

      That is dependent on the specific site. Several internet sites existing you a very minimal segment (around 10%) related with your pay out in instantaneously, even though that is outstanding. Specifically what ordinarily takes place is that you basically first deposit $600, and then after you accumulate a selected quantity of participant details, they can give you the full $600. This is to be positive taking part in participants are also productive. Having on the web poker web sites for instance Total Tilt Poker all these points are achieved right away.

      On the internet internet sites will publish poker bonus codes which will must be entered on monthly bill creation. After of which, the sum any person generate will depend on the interval you devote actively playing in addition to the pegs you get pleasure from with. Every time a player grows to 400NL restriction, which implies two to 5 buck blinds and have a very good great % of wins, they can make correct up to Five CARAT a 30 times. This is by natural means in the celebration that you treat playing these kinds of as a occupation and dedicate time every day to enjoying. Inevitably job liberty as well as the entice of straightforward earnings that is just some sort of disappear, is what requires in so numerous individuals in get to on the web poker.

      When you locate out the phrase what “on-line gambling, inch probability of you feel related with casinos in addition to online games related to poker, Blackjack on-line and port machines. But there are several distinctive varieties of online poker world wide web sites. When you might be geared up to decide on 1, you should absolutely decide a single that satisfies your requirements.

      Online On line casino: On the internet casinos are, usually, the particular counterparts of actual-existence world wide web casinos that can be discovered in metropolitan regions like Estas Vegas in addition to Atlantic Metropolis. They consist of basic world wide web on line casino online games, equivalent to Craps, Blackjack and Roulette. i99betm1 You obtain chips and engage in sometimes against the residence or in opposition to other opponents. Most of modern on the internet net casino games include application that you down load on to your notebook or personal computer, producing the nearly-actual ruse of a net casino desk or environment.

      On-line Sports activities Enjoyment BETTING: Sporting activities betting internet websites demand placing bets or even producing wagers about demonstrating off events, like soccer, karate or hockey. The net websites usually include all kinds of facts about the activity, this sort of as existing player as effectively as workforce figures, mentor biographies, history and a lot more. They have diminished thumb than on-line gambling dens, and are also made more with regard to utilitarian reasons.

      On the internet LOTTERIES: Like the lotteries operate simply by states or localities, you will nevertheless pick a set of quantities and then discover out if your very own are the kinds to aid “come up. ” When they do, you’re a success! Most on the internet lottery sites have a laptop the fact that at random generates the profitable figures. The internet sites aren’t extremely extravagant, considering that usually the recreation is reasonably easy.

      Online BINGO: Equivalent to the match you recall as a youngster, on the net BINGO sites provide a great deal of assortment. Numerous have a least get-in, other individuals have a extremely progressive jackpot. Significantly has ongoing to be the exact same, nevertheless, and several attribute normally the common BINGO greeting card obtaining the middle cost-free room. You may get a smaller sized far more flash you might with sports activities betting or even lotteries, and possibly an interactive chat place, as properly.

      PERMUTATIONS: Some web sites provide a combine of diverse types of gambling, like gambling establishment online games and BINGO, or BINGO and a lotto. There are a lot of several opportunities, and it really is probable to uncover a site that offers quite a few video online games.

      We are in an era where, before a consumer purchases a product as well as support, they Google the idea for more information about it. Any person who also wants to grow his or her brand, regardless of small the business is, needs a site. Building a website features furthermore become cheap. You do not need a lot of income and you don’t want to be a coder as well as custom made to possess one.

      Having a website for your smaller business is not necessarily just about selling your products or perhaps services online- it furthermore provides value towards your clients and is a contact form of free advertising. In the event I haven’t convinced you however, then a following are usually reasons why you need 1 today.

      Ten logic behind why anyone need a website regarding your business

      Customers anticipate you to become on-line
      Today, almost everyone is using the internet to find information. Their judgement with what to buy together with where to get it can end up being accessed through their own smartphones on the market and tablets. A website can create a presence to your business. Your potential customers can then understand a great deal more about your own product/ assistance. A website delivers an individual an opportunity to display worry for your buyers, communicate with regards to your brand in addition to convey your own personal professionalism.
      This customer also expects their own brand to become online in addition to give useful content material concerning the business on a a digital platform. ΙΣΤΟΣΕΛΙΔΩΝ In fact, most customers will go to some sort of brand’s web site to help find out about that. If you are nevertheless to get a website, then chances are that your client will find one other company that has a good website.

      You product/ service presents itself on search results
      Based to analysis, 81% regarding buyers execute online analysis before buying a good product or service. This signifies that if some sort of purchaser needs a tote, many people will key in “quality handbags”. If they are aware exactly what they would like, chances are they may possibly key within “Quality household leather handbags around Kenya”. If your business provides totes, you will show right up in search results for the keywords if you enhance them all. Getting a website is definitely not enough, anyone must maximize this so that you show up at the top regarding Yahoo and google results for key terms or pertinent keywords any time probable buyers do a good search. To improve your current website for search, do something like using long tail keywords, include tags, hito explanations and titles.
      Some sort of website legitimizes your web site
      The site offers some form of social confirmation together with builds trusts using your customers. It allows you for you to provide your shoppers and even potential customers on the historical past of your business, your current specialization and expertise. The web page will allow your people to learn more about your business mainly if you put upward purchaser testimonials. This allows to impress homebuyers due to the fact most buyers are usually inspired by simply online critiques when that comes to purchasing goods.

      JadeScape, Singapore’s initial fully-smart multi-generational property project, attracted nearly 9,000 visitors by Sunday afternoon, after designer Qingjian Realty opened Jade scape its sales gallery for public preview on Saturday (8 Sept).

      “This is the initial launch in the area in 3 years. We have actually been receiving questions about JadeScape for months currently. The turnout is really not unusual. The designer has also drawn in numerous households by providing a mix of system kinds,” said George Tan, executive supervisor at Savills Residential, which is one of five residential or commercial property firms marketing the job.

      Review our Step-by-Step Overview to acquiring a condominium.

      Situated on the former Shunfu Ville en bloc site along Shunfu Road, the brand-new growth will certainly supply an overall of 1,206 devices. These comprise 236 one-bedroom devices, 403 two-bedders, 265 three-bedders, 261 four-bedders, 39 five-bedders and also two penthouses, with dimensions from 527 sq feet to 4,230 sq ft.

      Prices start from $838,000 for the one-bedroom units, $988,000 for the two-bedders, $1.38 million for the three- bedders and also $1.86 million for the four-bedders. Costs for various other system types are yet to identified.

      According to visitors at the JadeScape sales gallery, they were enticed by the growth’s state-of-the-art functions. These consist of the use of facial acknowledgment modern technology in elevator lobbies, an energy-efficient Air Conditioner, a hot water heater system that reuses waste warmth for cozy showers as well as an incorporated dish washer with ultrasonic food washing machine.

      As Singapore’s very first fully-smart job, it is also the initial household development right here to embrace a Smart Estate Management System.

      In addition, there are 63 devices specifically created for active aging locals. These residences will certainly include facilities dealing with the needs of older locals, such as slip-resistant flooring, pull-down hydraulic shelfs and support bars. This remains in enhancement to smart technology that enables senior residents to gain access to various solutions such as wellness testing, 24/7 medical services and also nutritional planning.

      “In addition to JadeScape’s suitable place, the possibility of living wise is added appealing. It is also excellent that a personal developer is taking the step to motivate multi-generational living particularly with our growing elderly populace,” claimed Shawn Koh, 25, one of the would-be customers who checked out the sales gallery.

      With Marymount MRT terminal nearby, the advancement will soon be served by four MRT lines– the Circle, North-South, future Thomson-East Coast and Cross Island lines. Locals who drive can get to various other components of the island through the Central Expressway, Pan-Island Expressway and also the upcoming North-South Hallway.

      Do you lay awake at night worried over someone you love who has become addicted to drugs or alcohol and has lost control?

      How would you like to be free of that worry and never have it come back because your loved one has become truly drug free and is now living a decent life just as you always hoped and dreamed about?

      This is how it’s done->

      Getting Off

      While addiction is the problem they are stuck in today, it is not the cause of the trouble, it is the result of earlier problems, but I’ll come to that in a minute.

      As mentioned by the therapists at Serene Retreat, A Drug Rehab in Malaysia,  to get a person off drugs is not all that difficult and can be done by just about any half decent rehab operation. A much bigger challenge is to get the person so rehabilitated that they never get the urge to ever take drugs again.

      Staying Off

      Now there is a reason for that which is why we are so successful. It is our key point of difference and what makes us far superior to all other programs, even those programs that do get a person off, sometimes for quite a while.

      What is not generally appreciated is the fact that once having taken drugs they stay in a certain part of the body even after the person has done some sort of detox program. You see, unless the drugs are fully washed out of the body, which only occurs with our program, they will sit there dormant and ready to come back out and start the cravings all over again in the future when the person acts in a certain quite normal way. Because of this little understood fact, many times the person can be found to be using again, sometimes as soon as just a few weeks after.

      As the therapists said, getting the person off the drug is one thing. Keeping them off is quite another. The only way that this can be properly achieved is by getting the person to come to grips with what got them into drugs in the first place. Now that’s fairly obvious isn’t it?

      But what can be done to bring that about?

      What Doesn’t Work

      Well I can tell you what doesn’t work.

      Berating them for taking drugs in the first place

      Putting them in jail

      Accusing them of betraying their friends and or family

      Reminding them of how they have let those down who care about them

      Telling them off for what they have done or pointing out their mistakes

      A person on drugs has already lost all their self-respect. They lost it the moment they took their first dose. So pushing things like above in their face only makes matters worse because now they go on the defensive trying to prove themselves right. The intention to be right is the strongest intention in the universe. It is almost impossible to say “I was wrong” because at the exact moment the person makes a decision about something they see it as right at that moment.

      Clear Body, Clear Mind

      The first thing that we do is get the person completely clean of all drugs so they can think straight again. Yes, no matter what a drug taking person says they certainly cannot think straight. If they could they would never have started on drugs in the first place as drug taking is not a solution to the problems of life. It is a running away from living. It is certainly not a road to happiness.  Drugs only dull the real senses and for a while cover up the pain they are enduring so they don’t feel so bad.

      Learning to Live Within The System

      In our program, after helping the person get their body clean, and ridding it of all drug residues so they never get cravings again we take them through a program of life skills. This is rehabilitation in its fullest sense. This is where the person gets to find out and understand how they got trapped in the beginning and how they can move on into a new life of useful work, competence and success. In this part of the program the person becomes a student. A student learning about how the system we all have to work within in actually works and how to work within the system and succeed within the laws of the land and as a decent human being. This is where the individual regains his self-respect, regains the trust from those he left behind and gets his ideals and dreams rehabilitated. This is where he re-ignites the old enthusiasm for living that once he had.

      What To Do

      If you have a dear friend, partner or loved one who needs to be rescued from the pits of drug addiction then now is the time to make the call that could well save their life. The call that will get them started on the road to a drug free life. The road that will lead back to how you remember them when they were at their best.