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Lice are NOT nice!
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If you have reached our site, you probably know how frustrating and irriatating a lice infestation can be for everyone. Your battle with lice is not unusual and you are not alone. According to the Center for Disease Control,6-12 million cases of Lice infestation are estimated to occur each year. Increased resistance, childrens' sharing habits, head to head contact during play and group "selfies" are making it easier for lice to spread.  
Traditional Treatment
Traditional Attitudes
On average, people try
at least
TWO methods
to stop a lice infestation
before reaching out for help.

Traditional shampoos and cremes using permethrins and pyrethrins pesticides have become less effective and are failing to stop the life cycle of Lice.
In the past, people  suffering with a lice infestation were embaressed and treated poorly. Lice are not an indication of cleanliness or social standing. Lice are opportunistic parasites and anyone can get them.
Our Approach
We are here to help you!
We understand how frustrated and tired you are and have designed our treatment service with you in mind.

We use our knowledge of the life cycle of lice to eliminate them and address every method of

We use our experience with lice infestation and treatment to make sure we are only using effective lice eliminating methods.

We use facts to empower you to address the lice in the future.

You will be treated with respect and compassion while we help you get rid of lice!